Faculty/Graduate School of Information Science and Electrical Engineering ,
Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering

Division of System Control

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Introduction & Themes
As a results of the rapid growth of electric and information engineering, the subjects of control technologies for highly advanced and complicated systems have been born. Our devision is intended to study and educate on the advanced technologies on the intelligent control of large scale and highly complicated electric- and electronic-systems. Its studies include fundamental theories as well as practical system applications. The main topics for the studies are as follows:

1. Power electric systems
2. Electromagnetic propulsion systems
3. Magnetic levitation systems
4. Theory for the system construction
5. Algorithms and software for intelligent controll
6. Neural networks
7. Robust control
8. Adaptive control
9. Superconducting magnet energy strage systems
10. Superconducting electronins
11. High temperature superconductors

Kesamaru Laboratory
Assoc. Prof. Katsumi KESAMARU
Assist. Prof. Takashi YOSHIDA
System Design Laboratory
Prof. Taketoshi KAWABE
Assoc. Prof. Junichi MURATA
Assist. Prof. Masakazu MUKAI
Superconducting Devices Laboratory
Prof. Takanobu KISS
Assist. Prof. Masayoshi INOUE